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Addiction and Women


National surveys indicate addiction to alcohol and other drugs is one of the most serious and costly health problems in the united states.An estimated thirty-five to fifty percent of alcoholics are women,and one in every ten women has a serious drinking problem.


National institute of health statistics indicate that approximately 23,000 women in San Luis Obispo County are chemically-dependent. 


Society appears to want to look the other way rather than acknowledge that women from all walk of life can become addicted amongst women is a reality and can be treated.


Many women do not seek help because of the stigma involved in a society's view of the addicted woman. This causes much unnecessary suffering, and even death.


Chemical dependency is not a lack of willpower or character. Real recovery is more than merely surviving physical with drawl from alcohol and drugs. Real recovery is finding different responses to life's challenges-Casa Solana helps women to do just that!

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